Recommended records for drummers and others
(ps: this list is not and will never be complete…)

Alexander Von Schlippenbach trio, "Pakistani Promade", FMP/Atavistic
Alexander Von Schlippenbach trio, "Elf Bagatellen", FMP
Paul Lovens, dr; Evan Parker, ss, ts, Schlippenbach, p

Evan Parker Trio, "At:lanta", IMPETUS
Evan Parker Trio, "Imaginary Values", MAYA
Paul Lytton, dr; Barry Guy, bs; Evan Parker, ss, ts

Cecil Taylor trio, "Looking (Berlin Version) The Feel trio, FMP
Cecil Tayloer trio, "Celebrated Blazons" The Feel trio, FMP
Tony Oxley, ds; William Parker, bs; Cecil Taylor, p

Cecil Taylor/Tony Oxley, "Leaf Palm Hand", FMP
Tony Oxley, ds; Cecil Taylor, p

Phil Minton, Roger Turner, "Dada Da", LEO
Phil Minton, vc; Roger Turner, ds

David Murray, "Flowers For Albert", 1976, India Navigation
Philip Wilson, ds; Fred Hopkins, bs; Olu Dara, tp; David Murray, ts

David Murray, "3D Family", 1978, hat Art
Andrew Cyrille, ds; Johnny Dyani, bs; David Murray, ts

Lester Bowie, Philip Wilson, "Duet", 1978, IAI
Philip Wilson, ds; Lester Bowie, tp

AIR, "Montreux Suisse Air", Arista
Steve McCall, ds; Fred Hopkins, bs; Henry Threadgill, as, ts

Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell, "MU part I/II", 1969, Actuel
Ed Blackwell, ds: Don Cherry, tp

Circle, "Paris-Concert", 1972, ECM
Barry Altschul, ds; Dave Holland, bs; Chic Corea, pn; Anthony Braxton, reeds

Spontaneous Music Ensemble, "Karyobin" 1968 Chronoscope
John Stevens, ds; Dave Holland, bs; Kenny Wheeler, tp; Evan Parker, ss; Paul Rutherford, tb; Derek Bailey, gt

Spontaneous Music Ensemble, "A New Distance", 1994, Emanem
John Stevens, ds, tp; Roger Smith, gt; John Butcher, ss, ts

Derek Bailey, John Stevens, "Playing", 1992, Incus
John Stevens, ds; Derek Bailey, gt

Detail, "Less More", 1990, Circulasione Totale CT
John Stevens, ds; Kent Carter, bs; Frode Gjerstad, reeds; Billy Bang, vl

Brötzmann/Van Hove/Benninkm, "Balls", 1970, FMP/Atavistic
Han Bennink, ds; Fred Van Hove, pn; Peter Brötzmann, ts

Derek Bailey/Evan Parker/Han Bennink, "Topography of the Lungs", 1970
Han Bennink, ds; Evan Parker, ss, ts; Derek Bailey, gt

Jo Jones trio "The Jo Jones Special", 1956
Jo Jones, dr; Emmet Berry, trp; Benny Green, trombone; Lucky Thompson, ts; Nat Pierce, pno; Freddie Green, gt; Walter Page, bs; guest: Count Basie, pno

Joe Farrell "Putting it Together"
Elvin Jones, dr; Jimmy Garrison, bs; Joe Farrel, ts