1 Snare drum 13" X 4"/5" or 14" X 4”/5"
1 rack tom 12" X 8" (to go on snaredrum stand)
1 floor tom (with legs!) 14" X 14"

1 floor tom (with legs!) 16” X 14”
1 bass drum 18" X 14" or 20" X 14"

2 snare drum stands that go very low. -preferable: Yamaha
4 thin cymbal stands, one with boom. -preferable: Yamaha
1 hi-hat stand. -preferable: Yamaha, Premier or newer Sonor. Not Pearl or Taye!
1 bass drum pedal, mallet with whole felt. -preferable TAMA´s Iron Cobra, DW 5000, Yamaha or newer Sonor. Not Pearl or Taye!
1 rug (3m X 2m)
*Drums: preferable Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute. Or any vintage: Hayman, Ludwig, Gretsch, Rogers, Asba etc. If new Yamaha 18” bass drum; this must be without the riser rod.
*Heads: All top heads must be white-coated Remo Ambassador. Bottom heads can be either white-coated or transparent Remo Ambassador.
Most important: Both heads of bass drum must be white-coated Remo Ambassador. Fronthead of bassdrum must be without a hole and there should be no muffle inside the drum.
*Hardware: all stands and pedals must be in perfect condition with felt, screws, rubber ring, hi-hat clutch etc.
Microphones: if needed… all microphones must be on stands and not clips.
bassdrum, front head: Electro Voice RE 20 or Beyer M 88
snaredrum: Shure SM 57
toms: Sennheizer MD 409 on MD 421, on stands
overheads: Neumann KM 184 or AKG 414 or sim.
hihat: if needed, any condensator mic.